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Courage & Leaps of faith

The Jaguar represents huge change, death & rebirth, new chapters.

Life and Leadership require huge courage - things happen out of the blue that we cannot control - career change, past trauma, bereavement.

If you don't adapt or heal, you end up in the highly stressed and strung out state, known as fight or flight. Hyper alert, triggered and burnt out.

If you're willing to face your fears and finally take ownership of your life - the jaguar journey is for you.



Shed old habits and limiting beliefs

The serpent represents change, and just like the snake, change creates fear.

Perhaps past experiences are holding you back from happiness, your goals and feeling confident in your skin.

When you become stuck in your old stories, patterns and bad habits you cannot move forward.

If you're ready to commit to lasting, sustainable change, a positive mindset and good habits - the serpent journey is for you

Eagle Flying


New Perspectives and Balance

The eagle represents higher perspectives, wisdom & pursuing your dreams.

Perhaps you're stuck in a job or relationship that is trapping you and clipping your wings? 

When you become caged by your environment and inability to find the courage to leave, it's impossible to feel fulfilled or even feel alive. 

If you're ready to climb this mountain and take flight - the eagle journey is for you

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Are trust and indecision holding you back?

Every year the Hummingbird migrates thousands of miles on instinct alone.

When you lose touch with your intuition, you disconnect from your power.


Intuition is not some fluffy, new age concept - it is your ancient inner knowing. Intuition is crucial to your personal development.

If trust in yourself and others is making decisions and relationships hard (personal or professional) - the hummingbird journey is for you



all 4 plus more

WARRIOR WOMAN - all 4 offerings plus a discovery session


or £444 for 6months 

Serpent / Jaguar / Hummingbird / Eagle

£645 each

4 sessions each over 2 months




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