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Finding your way here was a bold move my friend. The next step will require even more courage.

I know outwardly you're successful, great job, great company and super creative.

You've overcome & achieved so much and 'should' be feeling fulfilled. People look up to you, you're a born leader and you long for even greater impact


Inside - is a different story right now - you might be feeling lost, burnt-out, like an imposter, even broken in some way. Your resilient, independent character and strong suit of armour (your success) was not supposed to include this sense of free-falling.

Chances are, you're terrified to open 'Pandora's box' because you're afraid you may never be able to shut again and nervous about what your future will look like, once you reveal what's inside.

There is NOTHING to fear.


How does Coaching Help?

Coaching gives you safe and confidential container to explore absolutely anything, with a clear beginning and closing of each session.

My Coaching gives you the tools, perspectives and courage to live and lead your life authentically, with greater impact and without burning-out. 

My Coaching is body/mind/soul - through this method you will unearth all the answers, wisdom and questions you've been seeking. 

You will create more balance, confidence and peace than ever before.


What will the outcomes be?

Honestly, you will be the same and not be the same. You will be able to see yourself in a completely new light - with more respect, compassion and appreciation and, in turn, be able to see others through the same lense. Coaching will have huge ripple effects in your life, both personally and professionally. You will feel and achieve things on a much deeper level and be able to resolve conflict with integrity and grace. BUT you will only get out of this what you put in. Coaching requires commitment and honesty, above all else.

What do I know?

Well... I know that you hold all the keys. As a globally renowned Coach, with over 12 years expertise, in 1:1 work, supporting everyone from CEO to inmate (see credentials in About Me), that I have seen and heard enough to pass no judgment and hold a daring and fun space for you. As a feisty, independent soul - I also know how hard it is to admit you need someone by your side. Trust me, it's more incredible than you can imagine.


Evolving in your Life and Leadership does not happen in isolation.  It happens with collaboration. You were never meant to do this alone. We thrive and adapt when we have meaningful connection to others, who see our potential and hold a vision for us, even when we feel lost - that's my magic sauce.

With my Coaching, you will be seen and heard like never before and free to be and become the most glorious version of yourself. The person you were meant to be all along - this is the Spirit of Leadership.

Are you ready to say,







8 month journey

Transform your Leadership

Transform your Life

2 xDiscovery Session 1 hour 30 mins

13 x 45 minute Coaching Sessions

PDF Journal to support your journey

Unlimited text/email access

1 x Completion Call 1 hour 30mins


6 month journey

Transform your energy & life

1 x Discovery Session 1.30 hour

11 x 45 minute Coaching Sessions

Mini PDF Journal

Unlimited text/email access


A one hour, one-off call

In need of a serious mindset re-boot? This is a quick boost (not a quick fix) and will give you a much needed power-UP. 






6 months




Mindset & Leadership Coach

London, United Kingdom


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  • Clare Marriott - Seven Coaching

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