SEVEN  Rituals

Practice Ritual, Keep your Promises, Create your Dreams

A Beautiful One Week Immersive Online Ritual 

Practising rituals is the practice of keeping promises to yourself - where you design a pact with the Universe & commit to putting your Self first.


Rituals invite magick and magnetism into your life to move from autopilot to abundance.


I have lovingly designed this interactive course (no muting or hiding) to cultivate

Seven Rituals

Seven Minutes

Seven Days.

Learning the art of creating your own short practice, that works around your schedule and your life, you will experience the benefits & magic that just seven minutes per day can create.  You will be lovingly encouraged & held by the support of the group.​ We will all complete the rituals, each day for a full week and share our experiences.

SEVEN minutes a day sounds like nothing right, which begs the question, 'guurl why aren't you (& everyone else) creating this space already?'

Maybe you think you're "not that spiritual", "not confident to show up in a group" or "don't have the knowledge" to navigate your way through this. I PROMISE you, you wouldn't be here now reading this, or on this planet if you weren't ready.

Right now.  


The value of this course is limitless. Awakening your wisdom and activating your commitment to finally show up for yourself, leaving you with rituals for a lifetime that you can enjoy and adapt along your journey.

           When booking please select "friends & family" to avoid the PayPal fee, so the % can go to charity, details below

SEVEN rituals is a relatable, nurturing and FUN offering! Lots of smiles, plenty of celebrating and tonnes of magick. There will be no judgement in this space, only curiosity and enquiry.

So, if you are ready to remember who are and harness the power of beautiful daily rituals then LET THE MAGIC COMMENCE whoooooosh!

Investment is £77

Commitment & Dates

You must be committed to a level of participation and interaction that is both comfortable for you & supportive and respectful of the group. I will hold a safe space designed to allow sharing & connection with each other as well as learning and integration of the material. Ritual requires deep connection.


Our Group Calls will be held on Zoom:


Thursday 15th October 2020 6pm - 8pm (2hrs)

Monday 19th October 2020 6pm - 7pm (1 hour check in)

Thursday 22nd October 2020 6pm - 8pm (2hrs) 

I can't wait for you to join us! 

              When booking please select "friends & family" to avoid the PayPal fee, so the % can go to charity instead, details below 


Some of the knowledge and aspects of this course are rooted in the ancient wisdom of the shamanic traditions of South America - as such 7% of proceeds will go to directly to supporting these communities through Pachamama Alliance Org.