ReDesign  -  ReALIGN 

If I hadn't made you uncomfortable, you'd have never moved - The Universe




Realign definition - to change restore or do different from a previous position or state.

Redundancy is a pivotal moment in your life and one which can be looked at through two lenses: Fear or Excitement. Both are completely valid. However, one perspective creates limits, the other creates opportunity. I am here to support & guide you through that fear, to Redesign & Realign the way you think, feel and move forwards.

Stepping into your power and investing in yourself, is a bold move.  This four week Coaching package will take you from feeling redundant to rejuvenated. You have the choice now to redesign a new path and realign with confidence, courage and ease.


You are not on your own with this. Together we will

*Get crystal clear on your goals and values

*Outline your next steps

*Align, explore and feel into the inevitable emotions and blocks that can come with redundancy.

*Design your dream career path

*Get you excited and ready for all the new opportunities ahead. 

The value of this course is multilayered. This package will give you skills for life & help you navigate any future obstacles and challenges. Coaching re-programmes your mindset and has far reaching ripple effects; positively impacting your family, co-workers and community.  

Redesign - Realign Coaching Package

  • 4 audio calls (no more zoom pleeease), once a week for 4 weeks - at a time to suit us both.

  • Calls are 45minutes each

  • Bespoke PDF workbook 

  • Unlimited access to me for support via email/whatsapp for the duration


Investment £495

 To clarify, investing in a Coach doesn't mean you're broken, it means your're brave!



The only difference between fear and excitement is the breath* Take a deep one and do this for you.


If you're not familiar with my work, WELCOME - I am Clare Marriott CPCC the founder of Seven Coaching. I have created this bespoke package based upon the transformation that several of my clients & friends have recently faced during redundancy.


I am a globally recognised & experienced Coach, certified with the world renowned CTI, and it is my pleasure to hold this space for you while you create your next steps towards the life of your dreams.

Let's do this.

* Quote from 'The Big Leap' by Gay Hendricks.


Mindset & Leadership Coach

London, United Kingdom


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