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Seven Solstice

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Seven Solstice 

Monday Magic

21st December 7:30pm 


Time to ignite those dreams and get intentional.


If you're tired of the angst and shade you've been throwing at 2020 and would prefer to the close the season properly with grace & a whole heap of magic - then this offering is for you.


Seven Solstice will give you tools to connect deeper to yourself, your purpose and your goals. We'll be calling upon to all the elements (fire, air, earth, water) as we journey round the Medicine Wheel to support you flip the script and honour how far you've come and get clear on what's next.


You will be guided through 

*The Shamanic Medicine Wheel

*Fire & Forgiveness Ceremony

*Sharing Circle

*The lower chakras - to ground & set the foundations for the new year ahead.

*Abundantly calling-in what you deserve.


Let's be real, many of us would also like to say a massive "F You" to 2020.  It has been confronting, frustrating and very dark at times. We'll be honouring this too by (literally) setting fire to our frustrations, fears and limiting beliefs in order to reimagine our next steps. 


21st December falls on a powerful vortex both astrologically and energetically this year. So of course we will be fully embracing this magic in order to set your dreams into motion.  This is BIG! 

This offering is for you if:

*You sometimes feel disconnected from your sparkle

*You long for a sense of grounding and stability

*You know your power is greater than your current output

*You want to make a huge impact

*You want to feel alive 

*You desire to create a magical vision for yourself

Don't worry is any of these concepts are new to you - my job is take you it through effortlessly. All the content is relatable, fun and easy to understand. This is an experiential offering (like all my courses) where I invite everyone to actively participate, share and experience the wisdom that will rise within you - no muting or hiding. This is where we show up fully, in service of ourselves and each other. It's BLOODY GORGEOUS!

You will need:

  • Pen & Paper (I'll also send you a PDF Workbook for journalling with this list on)

  • Quiet space for 2 hours

  • Candles

  • A small bowl of water

  • A cup of earth/soil/compost

  • A stone/pebble

  • A crystal or piece of jewellery that you love

  • An open heart and mind

  • Pillows and blanket for the final visualisation

Monday 21st December 7:30pm GMT - 2hrs via Zoom

Investment £33

(10% donated to Pachamama Alliance - supporting indigenous land and communities)

2020 is the year Mother Nature wants us to remember, honour and end on a high. One day we'll all meet together in ceremony, for now we ride solo - side by side. 

Image by Alan Chen